New Look, New Pilot, New Owners and New Crew
MORE POWER To Reno 2000

Reno Stead Airport September 10, 2000

With her 4360 cubic inches of "sheer Fury" purring smoothly, a freshly painted "Race 15 - Furias" swept into the race site today, accompanied by T-6 Race 9 "Lickety Split."

Bill Rogers and the Furias racing team had been pulling their hair out attempting to get the airplane out of the weathered in Seattle area since Thursday... When the skies finally cleared... Furias race pilot, Art Vance was not available...

A quick call to Bud Granley put him in the seat for the ride to Reno, giving "Lickety Split" alternate pilot, Jeff Wright, the driving duties for Race 9.

After an overnight stop at Klamath Falls, Oregon, Granley and Wright, along with AAFO.COM photographer Naomi West, made the rest of the trip to Reno.

Furias joins the only other active competitor running the massive 4360 radial engine, the Sanders Bros. "Dreadnought" bringing the unmistakable sound of the big engines to the race course at Reno, Nevada in stereo.

Earlier this week, our reporter, Keith Krasnowski, visited the very busy Furias Race Team at their hangar in Seattle... Only to find his camera and freedom in jeopardy! Through a long series of negotiations with the very secretive "Skunk Werks North" security office.. we were able to secure release of our weary reporter today and received these photos with explicit instructions attached...


"if you ever want to see me again... DON'T MAKE THESE PUBLIC PRIOR TO FURIAS LANDING AT RENO!"

Make no mistake... I've been locked in "the room" a time or two myself, with a reporter's busy mind bursting with information simply not able to be released.... Well... Here we are.. the airplane is sitting on the ramp and not only do we have pictures from just prior to her leaving Seattle... but our artistic reporter, Keith "Kraz" Krasnowski had plenty of time to doodle while awaiting his freedom...

With the airplane now safely in her slot on the ramp, we are free to release the "spy photos" as well as photos taken by Naomi West and our ramp reporters who were patiently awaiting the arrival of the newly painted racer..

In other news today

All classes took the course for practice runs as the course was opened for the first time at Reno 2000 today. Home pylon is up and it's starting to look like RENO!

Our remote location server access "glitch" has a "work-around" in place, the rest of the AAFO.COM coverage team is set to arrive tomorrow (Monday).. we're up to speed for the first day of qualification runs..

With tomorrow's temperature predicted for 88 degrees and reasonably calm winds until afternoon, look for some fast speeds being set early in the day....

We will post qualification speeds throughout the day tomorrow...

Most racers are here, with a few notable exceptions... The Thunder Mustang "Thunder Rose" is holding in Winnemucca, Nevada, with a broken oil line.... Dave Morss paces impatiently waiting for his factory Lancair entry to arrive..

Stay tuned... as the drama of RENO 2000 unfolds.

Special Thanks To Keith Krasnowski and Naomi West

Wayne Sagar

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